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This is a website that lets you enjoy all kinds of adult comics. We strongly believe in free content, so everything you see on here is free to download and enjoy. Unlike so many other porn comics websites, there are no hidden fees, no blows and whistles, no nothing – it's completely free for you to enjoy. And why would you enjoy it? The answer is obvious. Sometimes regular porn just doesn't cut it, and we know why. We know that the current product is overly sanitized, it's scripted and just flat-out boring. Sometimes it feels like you are watching the same scene over and over again and that's a recipe for boredom and apathy, nobody likes watching something over and over, no matter how good it originally was. If we are being honest here, mainstream porn is out of fresh ideas, that's why you'd turn to comics.

There are no limitations to what an artist can do – you don't have to deal with primadonna porn stars, clueless amateurs and the like. You just have to come up with a hot scenario, and talented people are actually great at that. Some obsess over dominating women, some even get really freaky with forced sex/sex slavery scenarios, but it's marginally hotter if it's done right. Believe us, just like everything else on this site, our selection of hardcore comics pornography is done right. You get just right amount of perverted, nothing too outlandish.

Here we offer diversity, we have hentai XXX content, that's pretty hot. It's for all the Japanese porn/anime fans out there, we know there are plenty of you, folks. We also have manga and porn games. The latter is incredibly popular because it's incredibly hot, why wouldn't you want to play a sex-related game that features some hot drawn chick doing basically everything you wanted. The games that we have are all free, by the way. Our site is generally split into different categories: porn games, 2D comics, 3D comics, artwork/siterips and hentai manga. That's what we have for you for now.

Don't worry – we pump out XXX updates every single day, there's this strict quality control too. Say, if a game is not good, if it's boring or just doesn't play well, we won't upload it. We want our adult content to be the best it can possibly be. The same goes for everything else, if some 3D comic looks like it was drawn by someone half-blind and half-dense with no grasp of the English language, we won't upload it. We want you to be able to download the best stuff only, we don't have anything else to offer. Mediocrity is not our thing, so search somewhere else.

The most important of all – have fun and don't be afraid to leave your feedback, we can't get enough of it. We want to hear your suggestions about our website, we want to hear why we need to upload more of this or that, we want to hear how our website affected you in a variety of positive ways, we want you to get mushy with us. Enjoy your stay and get freaky here. You'll love it! Oh, and don't forget to press Ctrl+D for a special offer.

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